Does Apple Ship to Guernsey?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Apple store to Guernsey used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Apple store.

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Does Apple Deliver to Guernsey

In the competitive world of tech and gadgets, Apple stands out as a leading brand globally. Their products, including the iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and Apple Watch, are highly sought after by consumers around the world. But for residents of Guernsey, a question arises: does Apple deliver to the island? In this article, we will explore the options available for Apple product delivery to Guernsey and what residents can expect when ordering directly from Apple.

Understanding the Shipping Policy

When it comes to shipping policies, Apple typically offers worldwide delivery for its products. However, there are certain regions and countries where their delivery options may be limited. Guernsey, a small island in the English Channel, falls into this category, as it is not part of the UK mainland. As a result, residents of Guernsey may encounter restrictions or additional costs when attempting to have Apple products delivered to their location.

Direct Ordering from Apple

For residents of Guernsey, the most straightforward option for purchasing Apple products is to order directly from the Apple website. When doing so, customers can select Guernsey as their country of residence and proceed with the order. However, it’s essential to review the shipping information and any available delivery options for Guernsey before finalizing the purchase. Apple’s website may or may not offer specific shipping details for the island, so it is crucial to contact Apple’s customer support for clarification.

Third-Party Retailers

If ordering directly from Apple proves to be challenging for Guernsey residents, another option to consider is purchasing Apple products from authorized third-party retailers. These retailers may have more flexibility in terms of shipping options and may be able to facilitate delivery to Guernsey. However, it is important to verify the retailer’s shipping policies and any additional costs associated with delivering to an offshore location.

Parcel Forwarding Services

For those who are unable to obtain direct delivery from Apple or third-party retailers, another potential solution is to use a parcel forwarding service. These services provide a shipping address in a country where Apple offers delivery, such as the UK, and then forward the package to Guernsey. While this can be a viable option, it may involve additional costs for the forwarding service and potential import duties or taxes upon arrival in Guernsey.


In conclusion, while Apple does offer worldwide delivery for its products, the availability and options for delivery to Guernsey may be limited. Residents of Guernsey who wish to purchase Apple products should carefully review the shipping information on the Apple website or contact customer support for clarification. Additionally, exploring options with third-party retailers and parcel forwarding services may provide alternative solutions for obtaining Apple products on the island. With careful consideration and research, residents of Guernsey can navigate the complexities of Apple product delivery and make informed decisions when making their purchases.

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