Does Apple Ship to Pakistan?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Apple store to Pakistan used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Apple store.

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When it comes to purchasing the latest Apple products, many people in Pakistan are often left wondering if they can have them delivered to their doorstep. As the demand for Apple’s devices continues to grow worldwide, it’s important to find out if Apple delivers to Pakistan. In this article, we will explore whether Apple provides shipping services to Pakistan and how interested buyers can access these services.

Does Apple Deliver to Pakistan?

Currently, Apple does not provide direct shipping services to Pakistan through their online store. This means that Pakistani consumers cannot have their Apple products delivered to their address in Pakistan directly from the Apple website. However, this does not mean that obtaining an Apple product is impossible for those living in Pakistan.

How Can Pakistanis Purchase Apple Products?

Even though Apple may not deliver directly to Pakistan, there are still a few viable options for individuals looking to purchase Apple products. One such option is to utilize third-party international shipping services. These services act as intermediaries that provide a shipping address in the United States or another country where Apple does deliver to. Once the product is delivered to this address, the intermediaries then forward the package to its final destination in Pakistan. While this method may involve additional shipping costs and longer delivery times, it is a reliable way for Pakistanis to get their hands on the latest Apple products.

Another option available to Pakistanis is to purchase Apple products through authorized resellers in Pakistan. There are many authorized Apple resellers in major cities across Pakistan that offer a wide range of Apple products. These resellers often have the latest devices in stock and provide warranty and support services for Apple products sold in Pakistan. By purchasing from these authorized resellers, Pakistani consumers can avoid the hassle of international shipping and have access to local support for their Apple purchases.

Considerations for Purchasing Apple Products in Pakistan

When considering purchasing Apple products in Pakistan, it’s important to be aware of potential import duties and taxes. When using third-party shipping services, imported products may be subject to customs duties, taxes, and other fees upon arrival in Pakistan. It’s essential for buyers to research and understand the potential additional costs associated with importing Apple products into the country. Additionally, buyers should also verify the authenticity and warranty of the products being purchased from resellers to ensure that they are receiving genuine Apple products.


While Apple may not directly deliver to Pakistan, there are alternative avenues for Pakistani consumers to purchase Apple products. Whether through third-party international shipping services or authorized resellers in Pakistan, individuals can still access the latest Apple devices and enjoy the quality and innovation that the brand is known for. By being informed about the available options and considering the potential costs and considerations, Pakistanis can make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing Apple products.

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