Does Argos Ship to Dominica?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Argos store to Dominica used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Argos store.

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Does Argos Deliver to Dominica


Argos is a popular retailer in the United Kingdom known for its wide range of products, including electronics, home and garden essentials, toys, and clothing. Many people in different parts of the world are interested in purchasing items from Argos, including those living in Dominica. In this article, we will explore whether Argos offers delivery services to Dominica and what potential customers need to know about placing orders and receiving their purchases in the Caribbean country.

Argos Delivery Services

Argos has an extensive delivery network that spans across the United Kingdom and selected international locations. However, when it comes to delivering to Dominica, there are some limitations and considerations that potential customers should be aware of.

Delivery to Dominica

At present, Argos does not offer direct delivery services to Dominica. This means that individuals residing in Dominica cannot place an order on the Argos website and have their purchases shipped directly to their Caribbean address. Despite this, there are still ways for individuals in Dominica to access Argos products.

Utilizing International Shipping Services

While Argos may not deliver to Dominica directly, individuals in the Caribbean country can still purchase items from the retailer by using international shipping services. These services provide a means for customers to have their purchases delivered to a designated address in the United Kingdom, after which the items can be forwarded to Dominica.

Considerations for International Shipping

When utilizing international shipping services to purchase items from Argos, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, customers should be aware of the additional costs associated with international shipping, including forwarding fees, customs duties, and taxes. It is also important to factor in the time it will take for items to be shipped from the UK to Dominica.

Alternative Options

In addition to international shipping services, individuals in Dominica may also explore other avenues for accessing Argos products. This can include enlisting the help of friends or family residing in the United Kingdom who can purchase items on their behalf and arrange for delivery to Dominica. Another option is to seek out third-party retailers or online marketplaces that may offer Argos products with international shipping options to Dominica.


While Argos does not currently offer direct delivery services to Dominica, individuals in the Caribbean country still have options for accessing the retailer’s products. Whether it be through international shipping services, enlisting the help of contacts in the UK, or exploring alternative retail channels, there are ways for individuals in Dominica to purchase items from Argos. It is important for customers to carefully consider the costs and logistics involved in these methods before making a purchase. By being informed and proactive, individuals in Dominica can still enjoy the wide range of products offered by Argos.

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