Does Macys Ship to Pakistan?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Macys store to Pakistan used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Macys store.

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Does Macy’s Deliver to Pakistan?

For many fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts in Pakistan, Macy’s is a well-known and highly esteemed department store. From its wide range of designer collections to its popular in-house brands, Macy’s has long been a go-to destination for those seeking quality and style. However, for those living in Pakistan, one question remains: Does Macy’s deliver to Pakistan?

Macy’s International Shipping Policy

As of now, Macy’s does not directly ship to Pakistan. While they do offer international shipping to select countries, Pakistan is unfortunately not currently on that list. This can be disappointing news for those looking to purchase items from Macy’s and have them shipped directly to their doorstep in Pakistan.

Alternative Shipping Options

Despite Macy’s not offering direct shipping to Pakistan, there are alternative shipping options that can allow individuals in Pakistan to still enjoy Macy’s products. One such option is using international package forwarding services. These services provide customers with a US address where their Macy’s purchases can be shipped. Once the items arrive at the US address, the forwarding service then ships the items to Pakistan. While this does involve an additional step and cost, it can be a viable solution for those determined to get their hands on Macy’s products.

Another alternative is to use a personal shopper or concierge service. These services essentially act as a middleman, allowing customers in Pakistan to have someone in the US purchase items from Macy’s on their behalf and then ship them to Pakistan. While this method may also come with additional fees, it provides a way for individuals in Pakistan to access Macy’s products.

Considerations for Shipping to Pakistan

When exploring alternative shipping options for Macy’s products to Pakistan, it’s important for individuals to consider potential customs duties and taxes. Depending on the value and type of items being shipped, there may be additional fees imposed by Pakistani customs. It’s advisable to research and understand these potential costs before proceeding with any international shipping.

Exploring Macy’s Products Through Other Channels

While direct shipping from Macy’s to Pakistan may not be an option, there are still ways for individuals in Pakistan to access Macy’s products. One such option is to explore third-party e-commerce platforms that offer Macy’s items. Many online retailers and marketplaces provide a wide selection of Macy’s products and may offer international shipping to Pakistan. It’s important to verify the legitimacy and reliability of these platforms before making any purchases.

Another avenue to explore is Macy’s official partnerships and collaborations with international retailers. Macy’s has teamed up with various global brands and retailers, leading to the availability of their products in locations outside the US. Keeping an eye out for such partnerships can provide opportunities for individuals in Pakistan to access Macy’s products through local or regional retailers.


While Macy’s does not currently offer direct shipping to Pakistan, there are alternative options for individuals in Pakistan to access Macy’s products. By utilizing international package forwarding services, personal shoppers, or exploring third-party e-commerce platforms, individuals in Pakistan can still enjoy the quality and style that Macy’s is known for. It’s important to consider potential customs duties and taxes when pursuing international shipping, and to verify the legitimacy of third-party platforms offering Macy’s products. With a bit of research and resourcefulness, the allure of Macy’s can still reach those in Pakistan.

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