Does Target Ship to Zambia?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Target store to Zambia used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Target store.

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Does Target Deliver to Zambia


Target is a popular retail chain in the United States, known for its wide range of products and great deals. However, for those living outside the country, a common question that arises is whether Target delivers to their location. For individuals living in Zambia, this article aims to provide information on whether Target delivers to this part of the world.

Target’s International Shipping Policy

Target is known for its dynamic online presence, offering a vast array of products that can be delivered nationwide. However, when it comes to international shipping, Target has certain limitations. As of now, Target does not offer direct shipping to Zambia. This means that individuals based in Zambia are unable to place an order on Target’s website and have it delivered directly to their address in Zambia.

Alternative Options

While direct shipping to Zambia is not currently available, there are alternative options for individuals in Zambia who are interested in purchasing products from Target. One such option is to utilize the services of international shipping companies or freight forwarders. These companies act as middlemen, providing a US-based address where individuals can have their Target orders delivered. The company then forwards the package to the customer’s address in Zambia, taking care of customs clearance and delivery.

Another alternative is to make use of online platforms or marketplaces that facilitate international shipping. These platforms allow individuals in Zambia to purchase products from US-based retailers, including Target, and have them shipped to a centralized location in the US. From there, the products are consolidated and shipped to Zambia, usually at a lower cost than direct international shipping.

Considerations for International Shipping

When exploring alternative options for international shipping from Target to Zambia, it is important to consider several factors. One such factor is the cost associated with international shipping. This includes not only the shipping fees charged by the intermediary company but also any customs duties and taxes that may be incurred upon arrival in Zambia.

Additionally, individuals in Zambia should be aware of the potential for longer shipping times when utilizing international shipping services. Factors such as customs clearance and transit times can result in extended delivery periods compared to domestic shipping. It is crucial to factor in these considerations when planning a purchase from Target to ensure timely receipt of the products.


In conclusion, while Target does not currently offer direct shipping to Zambia, there are alternative options available for individuals interested in purchasing products from the retailer. By utilizing international shipping companies, freight forwarders, or online platforms that facilitate international shipping, individuals in Zambia can access the wide array of products offered by Target. However, it is important to consider the associated costs and potential delays when opting for international shipping. With the right approach and careful consideration, individuals in Zambia can still enjoy the products and deals offered by Target, despite the current limitations on direct shipping to the country.

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