Does Walmart Ship to Rwanda?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Walmart store to Rwanda used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Walmart store.

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Does Walmart Deliver to Rwanda?

In recent years, Walmart has become a global force in the retail industry, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices. With its expansion into e-commerce and global shipping, many consumers have wondered whether Walmart delivers to countries outside of its traditional base in the United States. Rwanda, a small but rapidly growing market in East Africa, is one such country. In this article, we will explore whether Walmart offers delivery services to Rwanda and how this can benefit consumers in the region.

Walmart’s Global Shipping Policy

As a multinational corporation, Walmart has made significant investments in expanding its global shipping capabilities. While the majority of its online sales are still within the United States, Walmart has launched international shipping to over 100 countries. This expansion allows customers in various parts of the world to access Walmart’s diverse product offerings, including electronics, clothing, home goods, and groceries.

Delivery Options for Rwanda

Although Walmart offers international shipping to many countries, Rwanda is not currently on the list of destinations. This means that customers in Rwanda cannot place orders directly through Walmart’s website and have them shipped to their address in the country. However, this does not necessarily mean that Rwandan consumers are unable to access Walmart’s products.

Alternative Solutions for Rwandan Consumers

Despite the lack of direct delivery to Rwanda, there are alternative solutions that allow consumers in the country to access Walmart’s products. One option is to use package forwarding services. These companies provide customers with a U.S. shipping address, which can be used to place orders on Walmart’s website. Once the package is delivered to the U.S. address, the forwarding service will then ship it to Rwanda. While this adds an extra step to the process and may incur additional fees, it can still be a viable option for consumers who are eager to access Walmart’s products.

Another alternative is to shop through third-party e-commerce platforms that facilitate international shipping. Some platforms offer a wide range of products from retailers like Walmart and provide shipping to countries around the world, including Rwanda. By using these platforms, Rwandan consumers can purchase items from Walmart and have them delivered to their doorstep without the need for a package forwarding service.

Potential Benefits for Rwandan Consumers

The availability of Walmart’s products through alternative delivery options can offer several benefits to consumers in Rwanda. First and foremost, it provides access to a diverse range of high-quality products that may not be readily available in the local market. This can be particularly appealing for consumers looking for specific brands or items that are not commonly found in Rwanda.

Additionally, shopping through Walmart and similar retailers can offer cost savings for Rwandan consumers. With competitive pricing and frequent sales, Walmart’s products may be more affordable than similar items available in local stores or through other online retailers. This can be especially beneficial for consumers looking to stretch their purchasing power and get the best value for their money.


While Walmart does not currently offer direct delivery to Rwanda, there are still options for consumers in the country to access the retailer’s products. By utilizing package forwarding services or third-party e-commerce platforms, Rwandan consumers can benefit from the diverse offerings and competitive pricing that Walmart provides. As the retail industry continues to evolve, it is possible that Walmart may expand its international shipping to include Rwanda in the future, providing even greater access to its products for consumers in the country.

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