Does Goat Ship to Marshall Islands?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Goat store to Marshall Islands used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Goat store.

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The Marshall Islands, a country in the central Pacific Ocean, is made up of 29 atolls and five isolated islands. With a population of just over 50,000 people, the country relies heavily on imports for many goods and commodities. In recent years, the trend of online shopping has soared, prompting many Marshall Islands residents to wonder if popular delivery services like Goat deliver to their country. In this article, we will explore the question of whether Goat delivers to the Marshall Islands, and what options are available for residents of this unique and remote nation.

Does Goat Deliver to Marshall Islands?

Goat, a popular online marketplace for sneaker enthusiasts, has expanded its reach to many countries around the world. However, the availability of Goat delivery to the Marshall Islands is limited. At the time of writing, Goat does not provide direct delivery services to the Marshall Islands. This means that residents of the Marshall Islands cannot place an order on the Goat website and expect it to be delivered directly to their doorstep.

Alternative Options for Marshall Islands Residents

Despite the lack of direct delivery from Goat, there are still ways for residents of the Marshall Islands to access the products available on the platform. One option is to use a package forwarding service. These services provide customers with a physical address in the United States or another country where Goat delivers, and then forward the package to the customer’s address in the Marshall Islands. While this option may incur additional costs and take longer to receive the package, it does provide a way for Marshall Islands residents to access the products available on Goat.

Another option for Marshall Islands residents is to use a freight forwarding service. These companies specialize in shipping goods from one country to another, and can often provide more options and flexibility than package forwarding services. By using a freight forwarder, residents of the Marshall Islands can access a wider range of products from online retailers like Goat, and have them shipped directly to their country.

Considerations for Marshall Islands Residents

When considering using a package or freight forwarding service to access products from Goat, it’s important for Marshall Islands residents to be aware of the potential costs and limitations. Additional shipping fees, customs duties, and taxes may apply when using these services, which can significantly increase the overall cost of the product. Additionally, shipping times may be longer and there may be restrictions on the types of products that can be shipped to the Marshall Islands. It’s important for residents to research and understand these considerations before making a purchase from Goat using a forwarding service.


While Goat does not currently deliver directly to the Marshall Islands, residents of this unique and remote nation still have options for accessing the products available on the platform. Using a package or freight forwarding service can provide a way to receive products from Goat, but it’s important for Marshall Islands residents to consider the potential costs and limitations associated with these services. As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, it’s possible that delivery options for the Marshall Islands may expand in the future, providing even more opportunities for residents to access the global marketplace.

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