Does Hp Ship to Aruba?

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Does HP Deliver to Aruba?

If you’re in Aruba and in need of a new computer, printer, or any other HP product, you may be wondering if HP delivers to your island. In this article, we’ll explore whether HP offers delivery services to Aruba, and what options are available for customers on the island.

Delivery to Aruba

HP, one of the world’s leading technology companies, does offer delivery services to Aruba. Customers in Aruba can purchase HP products online through the company’s official website or through authorized HP retailers. The products can then be shipped directly to the customer’s address in Aruba.

One option for delivery to Aruba is to purchase through a local retailer authorized by HP. These retailers can provide delivery services to customers on the island and may offer additional support and services as well. Customers can also purchase HP products directly from the company’s website and have them delivered to Aruba.

Shipping Options

When purchasing HP products for delivery to Aruba, customers can choose from various shipping options based on their preferences and needs. HP offers standard shipping as well as expedited shipping for customers who require their products to arrive more quickly.

Standard shipping to Aruba may take longer than shipping within the continental United States, so customers should plan accordingly. Expedited shipping may be a better option for those who need their HP products to arrive in Aruba within a shorter time frame.

Cost and Taxes

Customers in Aruba should be aware of potential additional costs and taxes associated with having HP products delivered to the island. Shipping costs may vary depending on the size and weight of the product, as well as the shipping option selected.

In addition to shipping costs, customers should also consider any potential import taxes or duties that may apply to their HP products when they arrive in Aruba. These additional costs should be factored into the overall budget for purchasing and receiving HP products on the island.

Customer Support

HP is committed to providing excellent customer support to customers in Aruba. Whether purchasing products through an authorized retailer or directly from HP’s website, customers can access a range of support services to ensure that their experience with HP products is positive and hassle-free.

Customers in Aruba can reach out to HP’s customer support team with any questions or concerns about their purchases, delivery, or product support. HP’s customer support team is available to assist customers with any issues that may arise before, during, or after the delivery process.


In conclusion, HP does deliver to Aruba, offering customers in the island nation the opportunity to purchase and receive a wide range of HP products, from laptops and desktops to printers and accessories. By purchasing through authorized retailers or directly from HP’s website, customers in Aruba can have HP products delivered to their local address.

Customers in Aruba should consider shipping options, potential costs and taxes, and the availability of customer support when planning to purchase HP products for delivery to the island. With careful consideration and planning, customers in Aruba can take advantage of HP’s delivery services to access the latest technology and products from the company.

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