Does Ikea Ship to India?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Ikea store to India used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Ikea store.

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Does Ikea Deliver to India?


Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer, is known for its affordable and stylish products. With a presence in over 50 countries, many people in India are curious to know if Ikea delivers to their country. In recent years, Ikea has expanded its reach to different parts of the world, but what about India? In this article, we will explore whether Ikea delivers to India and what options are available for Indian consumers.

Can Indian Consumers Access Ikea Products?

For many years, accessing Ikea products in India was a challenge. However, in 2018, Ikea opened its first store in Hyderabad, marking its entry into the Indian market. This move was a significant step for Indian consumers, who were eager to explore the range of products offered by the Swedish retailer. The store in Hyderabad is the first of many planned locations across the country, indicating Ikea’s commitment to serving Indian consumers.

Delivery Options for Indian Customers

While Ikea does have a physical presence in India, the availability of delivery options is a crucial factor for many customers. As of now, Ikea offers home delivery services in Hyderabad, where the first store is located. For customers in other parts of the country, Ikea has also introduced a Click and Collect service, allowing them to order products online and pick them up from a designated location. This provides an alternative for those who are not within the immediate vicinity of an Ikea store.

Challenges and Opportunities

One of the challenges for Indian consumers is the limited delivery options outside of Hyderabad. As Ikea continues to expand its presence in India, it is expected that more delivery options will become available in other parts of the country. This will open up opportunities for Indian consumers to access Ikea products without the need to visit a physical store. As the demand for Ikea products grows in India, the company is likely to invest in expanding its delivery network to cater to a wider customer base.

Online Shopping and Delivery in India

In addition to its physical stores, Ikea also has an online platform where customers can browse and purchase products. While the online shopping experience is convenient for many, the availability of delivery to different parts of India remains a consideration for potential customers. As of now, the delivery options are limited to certain areas, but Ikea has expressed its commitment to addressing this challenge by expanding its delivery network in the future.


In conclusion, Ikea does deliver to India, with home delivery services currently available in Hyderabad and a Click and Collect option for customers in other parts of the country. While there are challenges in terms of delivery options in certain areas, Ikea’s commitment to expanding its presence in India indicates a positive outlook for Indian consumers. As the demand for Ikea products continues to grow in India, it is likely that the company will invest in enhancing its delivery network to better serve its customers across the country. With the combination of physical stores, online shopping, and diverse delivery options, Indian consumers can look forward to accessing the stylish and affordable products that Ikea is known for.

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