Does Lush Ship to India?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Lush store to India used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Lush store.

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Does Lush Deliver to India?


Lush, the British cosmetics retailer known for its handmade, ethical and cruelty-free products, has gained a massive following globally. With a wide range of beauty and skincare items, many consumers in India are eager to get their hands on Lush products. One of the most common questions asked by Indian consumers is whether Lush delivers to India. In this article, we will explore the availability of Lush delivery in India.

What Products Does Lush Offer?

Lush offers a diverse range of products, including bath bombs, shower gels, skincare, haircare, and makeup. Their products are made with natural ingredients and are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Lush has gained a reputation for its ethical approach to beauty and is popular among consumers who value sustainability and cruelty-free practices. Consumers in India are increasingly seeking out these types of products, making the availability of Lush in the country highly anticipated.

Does Lush Deliver to India?

Unfortunately, as of now, Lush does not offer direct delivery to India through their website. This means that Indian consumers cannot place an order on the Lush website and have it shipped directly to their address in India. This limitation has been a source of frustration for many Lush enthusiasts in India who are eager to access the brand’s products.

Alternative Ways to Purchase Lush Products in India

While Lush does not provide direct delivery to India, there are alternative ways for Indian consumers to access Lush products. One such method is to utilize international shipping services or package forwarding companies. These companies provide a delivery address in the country where the retailer operates, and then forward the package to the customer’s address in India. While this may incur extra costs and longer delivery times, it provides a way for Indian consumers to get their hands on Lush products.

Another option is to look for authorized retailers or stockists of Lush products within India. Certain beauty stores or online platforms may carry a selection of Lush products, allowing customers to purchase them without the need for international shipping or forwarding. However, the availability of specific items may be limited, and they may not offer the complete range of Lush products available on the official website.


In conclusion, while Lush does not currently deliver directly to India, there are alternative options for Indian consumers to access their products. Whether through international shipping services or by purchasing from authorized retailers within India, there are avenues for obtaining Lush products in the country. As the demand for ethical and sustainable beauty products continues to grow in India, it is hoped that Lush will expand its delivery services to cater to this market in the future. Until then, Indian consumers have several options available to satisfy their Lush cravings.

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