Does Ms Ship to Slovenia?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Ms store to Slovenia used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Ms store.

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If you’re a business owner or a consumer looking to ship goods to Slovenia, it’s essential to know which courier services are available in the country. One popular courier service that many people rely on is DHL Express. However, another widely used service is MS (Magyar Posta), the Hungarian postal service. In this article, we’ll explore whether MS delivers to Slovenia and what you need to know if you’re considering using their services for shipping to this European country.

Does MS deliver to Slovenia?

The short answer is: yes, MS does deliver to Slovenia. As a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), MS has agreements in place with postal services in over 190 countries, including Slovenia. This means that customers can send and receive mail and parcels between Hungary and Slovenia using MS’s services.

If you’re looking to send a letter or package to Slovenia using MS, you can rest assured that your items will reach their destination. MS’s international delivery network is designed to provide reliable and efficient service to customers around the world.

What services does MS offer for shipping to Slovenia?

When it comes to shipping to Slovenia, MS offers a range of services to meet different needs and budgets. For individuals and businesses looking to send letters or small packages, MS provides affordable options for international mail delivery. These services typically offer standard delivery times and can be a cost-effective choice for sending items to Slovenia.

For those in need of faster shipping to Slovenia, MS also offers express delivery services. This option is ideal for urgent shipments or time-sensitive items that need to reach their destination quickly. With express delivery, customers can expect shorter transit times and expedited service for their packages.

Additionally, MS provides international parcel delivery services to Slovenia. Whether you’re sending a small package or a larger shipment, MS’s parcel services can accommodate various sizes and weights. Customers can choose from different shipping options to find the best fit for their specific needs.

What do I need to know when shipping to Slovenia with MS?

Before sending a package to Slovenia using MS, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. First, it’s important to familiarize yourself with MS’s shipping regulations and requirements for international shipments. This may include restrictions on certain items, customs declarations, and packaging guidelines.

It’s also essential to ensure that the address and recipient information for your package to Slovenia is accurate and complete. Providing the correct details will help prevent delays or issues with delivery and ensure that your package reaches its intended destination in Slovenia.

Additionally, customers should be aware of any applicable customs duties, taxes, or fees when shipping goods to Slovenia. Depending on the contents of the package and its value, the recipient in Slovenia may be responsible for paying these additional charges upon delivery.


In conclusion, MS does deliver to Slovenia and offers a range of services for individuals and businesses looking to ship items to this European country. Whether you’re sending a letter, a small package, or a larger shipment, MS’s international delivery network can provide reliable and efficient service for your shipping needs. By understanding MS’s shipping services and requirements for Slovenia, customers can make informed decisions when utilizing this courier service for their international shipments.

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