Does Poshmark Ship to American Samoa?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Poshmark store to American Samoa used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Poshmark store.

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Does Poshmark Deliver to American Samoa


Poshmark, a popular online marketplace for buying and selling new and used clothing, shoes, and accessories, has gained a widespread following for its convenient and user-friendly platform. However, for individuals living in American Samoa, a U.S. territory located in the South Pacific, a common question arises: does Poshmark deliver to American Samoa? In this article, we will explore the shipping policies and options available for Poshmark users in American Samoa.

Shipping Policies and Options

Poshmark’s shipping policies are designed to provide convenience and flexibility for both buyers and sellers. While Poshmark primarily serves customers within the continental United States, it also extends its services to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories. This means that individuals residing in American Samoa have the option to receive deliveries from Poshmark sellers.

However, it is important to note that shipping to American Samoa may differ from standard shipping to other U.S. locations. Due to the geographical distance, shipping times and costs may vary. Sellers on Poshmark have the ability to set their own shipping preferences, including offering international shipping or setting specific shipping rates for U.S. territories. Therefore, it is recommended for buyers in American Samoa to check the shipping details provided by the seller before making a purchase.

Additionally, Poshmark offers a feature called “Posh Protect,” which provides buyer protection in the event of an undelivered or significantly not-as-described item. This feature adds an extra layer of security and assurance for buyers, including those in American Samoa, when making purchases on the platform.

Navigating Shipping Challenges

While Poshmark does extend its shipping services to American Samoa, it is important to consider the potential challenges that may arise when receiving deliveries in the territory. Shipping costs, delivery times, and customs regulations are all factors to take into account when making purchases from mainland U.S. sellers.

One of the key challenges that may be encountered when having items shipped to American Samoa is the potential for longer delivery times. Due to the remote location of the territory, packages may take longer to reach their destination compared to domestic shipments within the United States. As a result, buyers in American Samoa should anticipate extended delivery times and plan their purchases accordingly.

In addition to longer delivery times, shipping costs may also be higher for deliveries to American Samoa. It is advisable for buyers to factor in potential customs duties and taxes that may apply when importing goods into the territory, as these additional costs can impact the overall expense of a purchase.


In conclusion, while Poshmark does deliver to American Samoa, there are considerations and challenges to keep in mind when making purchases from the territory. By being mindful of shipping policies, costs, and delivery times, buyers in American Samoa can make informed decisions when using Poshmark to shop for their favorite clothing and accessories. With careful planning and awareness of potential shipping challenges, individuals in American Samoa can still enjoy the benefits of shopping on the Poshmark platform.

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