Does Primark Ship to Cape Verde?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Primark store to Cape Verde used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Primark store.

The key lies in using MyUS, a package forwarder that will accept your Primark store orders and forward them to your doorstep in Cape Verde.

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Does Primark Deliver to Cape Verde

If you’re a fan of the affordable fashion offered by Primark, you may be wondering if you can have their products delivered to Cape Verde. In this article, we’ll explore whether Primark offers shipping to this African island nation and what you can do to access their products if they don’t provide delivery to your location.

Primark’s Shipping Policy

Primark is a popular clothing retailer known for its trendy and budget-friendly fashion offerings. The store has numerous locations across Europe and the United States, and they also offer online shopping for customers in select countries. Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, Primark does not deliver to Cape Verde.

Alternative Options

If you reside in Cape Verde and are interested in purchasing items from Primark, there are alternative options available to you. One option is to use a package forwarding service. These services provide you with a shipping address in a country where Primark does deliver, such as the United Kingdom, and then forward your packages to your address in Cape Verde. It’s important to note that using a package forwarding service may incur additional fees for shipping and handling, so be sure to factor these costs into your budget.

Visiting a Nearby Country

Another option for accessing Primark products is to visit a nearby country where the retailer operates. If you have travel plans to a country that has Primark stores, you can take advantage of the opportunity to shop in person and bring items back with you. This allows you to avoid shipping fees and delays while also getting the chance to see the items in person before making a purchase.

Staying Informed

While Primark does not currently deliver to Cape Verde, it’s always a good idea to stay informed about any changes to their shipping policy. The company may expand its delivery options in the future, so keeping an eye on their official website and social media channels can help you stay up to date with any developments regarding shipping to Cape Verde.


In conclusion, as of the time of writing, Primark does not deliver to Cape Verde. However, there are alternative options available for those in Cape Verde who are interested in purchasing items from the retailer. Whether it’s through using a package forwarding service, traveling to a nearby country with Primark stores, or staying informed about potential changes to their shipping policy, there are ways to access Primark products despite the current limitations. As always, it’s important to consider any additional costs and logistics involved in obtaining items from a retailer that does not offer direct shipping to your location.

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