Does Tavour Ship to Puerto Rico?

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Does Tavour Deliver to Puerto Rico?

If you’re a beer enthusiast residing in Puerto Rico, you might be wondering if Tavour, the popular craft beer delivery service, delivers to your location. Tavour has gained a strong following in the craft beer community for its extensive selection of unique and hard-to-find beers. However, the company’s delivery options can vary depending on the destination. In this article, we will explore whether or not Tavour delivers to Puerto Rico and what you need to know as a potential customer.

Delivery to Puerto Rico

As of the time of writing, Tavour unfortunately does not deliver beer to Puerto Rico. This is due to a combination of legal regulations and logistical challenges that currently prevent Tavour from shipping to the island. While this may be disappointing for beer enthusiasts in Puerto Rico, it’s important to understand the reasons behind this decision and explore potential alternatives to satisfy your craft beer cravings.

Legal and Logistical Constraints

One of the primary reasons why Tavour does not deliver to Puerto Rico is the complex web of legal regulations surrounding alcohol shipping. Shipping alcohol across state or international lines involves navigating a labyrinth of laws, including regulations specific to each destination. Puerto Rico’s unique status as a territory further complicates the situation, as it is subject to distinct rules and restrictions compared to mainland US states.

Additionally, logistical challenges such as shipping costs, customs procedures, and import regulations contribute to the difficulty of extending Tavour’s delivery service to Puerto Rico. These challenges create a barrier for Tavour to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver beer to customers in Puerto Rico.

Alternative Options

While Tavour may not currently deliver to Puerto Rico, there are still avenues for beer enthusiasts on the island to access a diverse selection of craft beers. Local breweries and retailers often offer a range of craft beer options, providing an opportunity to explore and support the burgeoning craft beer scene in Puerto Rico.

Alternatively, individuals in Puerto Rico can consider using a beer forwarding service that allows them to ship beer to a designated address within the continental United States. From there, the beer can be forwarded to Puerto Rico through a third-party shipping service that specializes in alcohol transportation. While this workaround requires additional steps and incurs extra costs, it can provide access to a wider range of craft beers that may not be readily available locally.


In conclusion, Tavour does not currently deliver beer to Puerto Rico due to legal and logistical constraints related to alcohol shipping. While this may be disappointing for beer enthusiasts on the island, there are still alternative options to explore. Local breweries and retailers offer a diverse array of craft beer choices, and utilizing a beer forwarding service can provide access to a broader selection of beers. While Tavour’s delivery limitations are a temporary setback, there are still plenty of ways for Puerto Rican beer lovers to indulge in their passion for craft beer.

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