Does Tavour Ship to Singapore?

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Does Tavour Deliver to Singapore?

If you’re a beer enthusiast living in Singapore, you may have heard of Tavour, a popular app and online platform that specializes in delivering craft beers from independent breweries directly to consumers’ doors. With its extensive selection of hard-to-find, limited release, and exclusive craft beers, many in Singapore are wondering if Tavour delivers to their city. In this article, we’ll explore the options for beer lovers in Singapore who are interested in getting their hands on unique, high-quality craft beers through Tavour.

Tavour: A Brief Overview

Before diving into the question of Tavour’s delivery to Singapore, it’s important to understand what Tavour is and how it operates. Tavour is a beer app and website that connects consumers with a curated selection of craft beers from breweries across the United States. The platform allows users to browse a wide variety of beers, ranging from IPAs and stouts to sours and barrel-aged ales. Once a user finds a beer they like, they can add it to their virtual “crate” and place an order. Tavour then ships the beers directly to the customer’s location, providing access to unique and rare brews that may not be readily available in their local area.

Delivery Options for International Customers

As of the time of writing, Tavour primarily serves customers within the United States, with limited international shipping options. Unfortunately, this means that Tavour does not currently offer direct delivery to Singapore. While this may be disappointing news for those hoping to access Tavour’s extensive selection of craft beers, there are still options available for individuals in Singapore who are looking to expand their beer horizons.

Alternative Options for Singaporean Beer Lovers

Even though Tavour does not deliver to Singapore, there are other avenues for obtaining unique and rare craft beers in the city-state. One option is to explore local craft beer retailers and specialty stores that may carry a selection of international brews. Additionally, there are beer subscription services and online retailers in Singapore that offer curated selections of craft beers from around the world, providing an alternative for beer enthusiasts seeking access to a diverse range of brews.

Exploring Local Beer Culture in Singapore

While international options such as Tavour are not readily available in Singapore, the city-state has a burgeoning craft beer scene of its own. From local microbreweries producing innovative and flavorful beers to beer festivals and events celebrating the craft beer community, there are ample opportunities for beer lovers in Singapore to discover and appreciate unique brews. By engaging with the local beer culture, individuals can support and experience the creativity and craftsmanship of Singapore’s own brewing industry.


In conclusion, while Tavour does not currently deliver to Singapore, there are alternative options for individuals in the city-state to explore and enjoy a diverse selection of craft beers. By tapping into local retailers, subscription services, and the vibrant craft beer scene in Singapore, beer enthusiasts can still access a wide range of high-quality and specialty brews. While the convenience of Tavour’s platform may not be directly accessible in Singapore, the passion for craft beer and the enjoyment of unique brews are certainly within reach for those in the city-state.

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