Does Toys R Us Ship to Italy?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Toys R Us store to Italy used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Toys R Us store.

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Does Toys R Us Deliver to Italy?

Many parents, relatives, and friends often find themselves searching for the perfect toy for a little one. Toys R Us has been a go-to destination for finding a wide array of toys to delight children of all ages. However, for those living in Italy, the question may arise: does Toys R Us deliver to Italy? In this article, we will explore the options for purchasing Toys R Us products in Italy, and whether or not delivery is an option.

Purchasing Toys R Us Products in Italy

As of now, there are no physical stores for Toys R Us in Italy. This means that residents of Italy do not have the luxury of walking into a local store to browse and purchase Toys R Us products. However, this does not mean that those living in Italy are entirely out of luck when it comes to accessing Toys R Us products.

Online Shopping

Fortunately, Toys R Us operates an online store that ships to many countries around the world, including Italy. This means that even though there are no brick-and-mortar stores in Italy, individuals can still access a wide range of Toys R Us products through the online store and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Shipping to Italy

Toys R Us offers international shipping to Italy, making it possible for residents to receive their favorite toys without having to leave the country. The shipping fees may vary depending on the size and weight of the package, as well as the delivery speed selected by the customer. It is advisable to check the shipping policy and fees before making a purchase.

Customs and Duties

When ordering from an international retailer like Toys R Us, it is important to consider customs and duties that may apply to the shipment. Depending on the value of the items being shipped, customers may be responsible for paying additional fees upon delivery. It is recommended to familiarize oneself with the customs regulations in Italy to avoid any unexpected charges.


In conclusion, while there are no physical Toys R Us stores in Italy, residents of the country can still access a wide range of Toys R Us products through the online store. With international shipping available, customers can have their favorite toys delivered directly to their doorstep. It is important to consider factors such as shipping fees and customs regulations when making a purchase. Overall, while the convenience of a local store may be lacking, the option to purchase and have Toys R Us products delivered to Italy is still very much a possibility.

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