Does Zappos Ship to Colombia?

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Shipping items you purchase from the Zappos store to Colombia used to be a hassle, but that’s no longer the case. This post details a straightforward process for receiving your orders from the Zappos store.

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Does Zappos Deliver to Colombia?

In the age of globalization, online shopping has become an essential part of how we purchase goods and services. With a few clicks, we can order products from companies around the world and have them delivered right to our doorsteps. However, not all online retailers offer international shipping, and many customers are left wondering whether they can access their favorite products from abroad. In the case of Zappos, a popular online shoe and clothing retailer, many customers in Colombia are curious about whether they can have their purchases delivered to their country. In this article, we will explore whether Zappos delivers to Colombia and what the process entails for Colombian customers.

International Shipping Policy

Zappos, owned by Amazon, offers international shipping to select countries around the world. Unfortunately, Colombia is not one of the countries currently on the list. This means that customers in Colombia are not able to have their purchases from Zappos delivered directly to their doorsteps. While this may be disappointing for Colombian customers who are fans of Zappos’ wide range of products and excellent customer service, there are still options available for them to access Zappos’ offerings.

Package Forwarding Services

One way for customers in Colombia to access Zappos’ products is through package forwarding services. These services provide customers with a US shipping address which they can use when making purchases from retailers that do not offer international shipping. Once the package arrives at the US address, it is then forwarded to the customer’s address in Colombia for a fee.

There are numerous package forwarding companies that cater to customers in Colombia, and they can help bridge the gap for those who want to shop from Zappos. While the additional cost and extra steps may be inconvenient for some customers, it is an alternative way to access products from retailers that do not directly ship to Colombia.

Considerations for Colombian Customers

Before utilizing a package forwarding service to access Zappos’ products, customers in Colombia should consider several factors. Firstly, they should be aware of the additional costs involved, including shipping fees, import duties, and taxes. They should also research different package forwarding companies to find one that is reliable and offers reasonable rates. Additionally, customers should be mindful of the potential for longer shipping times and the need for proper documentation for international shipments.


While Zappos does not currently offer direct shipping to Colombia, there are alternative methods for customers in Colombia to access their products. By using package forwarding services, customers can still enjoy the wide range of shoes and clothing that Zappos has to offer. Despite the additional costs and considerations, many customers find that the convenience and access to their favorite products make it worthwhile. As online shopping continues to evolve, it is possible that Zappos will expand its international shipping options in the future, providing even more accessibility for customers around the world.

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